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A quarter of a million Gurkhas from the sovereign state of Nepal served in the Second World War in over 40 battalions. They fought as part of the armies of the British Commonwealth in Syria, North Africa, Italy, Greece, as well as in Burma against the Japanese.

In addition to their firearms, each Gurkha carries a traditional Nepalese knife known as a Khukuri or Kukri. This heavy, curved blade is a fearsome close-combat weapon especially when used in conjunction with the Gurkha's steely resolution and unnerving smile - woe betide anyone facing a Gurkha charge as they bellow their battlecry, "Ayo Gorkhali!".

Contains 10 Warlord ResinTM 28mm miniatures (with plastic bases):

  • One NCO
  • One man with Bren Gun LMG
  • Eight men with rifles

Gurkha Section (Far East)

SKU: 403011115
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