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Jump straight into the action with the Achtung Panzer! supply drop. This awesome value bundle nets you the essential tokens, and every single tank data, ace, ace skill, and Asset card found in the initial four Tank Force boxed sets, as well as a complete Event card deck - all you need to do is add tanks! With this supply drop your forces will have everything they need to do battle on the Achtung Panzer! tabletop!

Achtung Panzer!

  • Game Tokens Punchboard
  • 5 Achtung Panzer! Tank Tokens Punchboards
  • Achtung Panzer! Tracker Punchboard
  • 15 British Datacards
  • 14 German Datacards
  • 12 US Datacards
  • 14 Soviet Datacards
  • 4 British Ace Skill Cards
  • 4 German Ace Skill Cards
  • 4 US Ace Skill Cards
  • 4 Soviet Ace Skill Cards
  • 10 British Asset Cards
  • 10 German Asset Cards
  • 10 US Asset Cards
  • 10 Soviet Asset Cards
  • 52 Events Cards

Achtung Panzer Cards Bundle All In

SKU: 489910010CARDS
C$71.00 Regular Price
C$65.00Sale Price
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